Institutional Investing Diversity Cooperative

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The Institutional Investing Diversity Cooperative is a collection of some of the largest and most prominent institutional investment consultants in the industry. The members of the Cooperative are responsible for the stewardship of more than $43 trillion in assets* held by institutions in retirement plans, employee health funds, endowments, foundations, operating funds and capital reserves, among others.

*based on membership as of 1/1/2022, according to P&I rankings of 6/30/21 institutional assets

eVestment is a Nasdaq company that provides global institutional investment data, analytics, and market intelligence covering both public and private assets. Asset managers and general partners reach the institutional marketplace through the eVestment platform, while institutional investors and consultants rely on eVestment for manager due diligence, selection and monitoring.

Mission Statement

The Institutional Investing Diversity Cooperative (IIDC) aims to promote greater diversity in the institutional asset management industry by advocating for access to data that would capture multiple dimensions of diversity. We believe having more underrepresented minorities in ownership, leadership, and portfolio management roles improves the conversation, opens opportunities for all, and benefits the community at large; most importantly, we believe diverse investment teams - and viewpoints - enhance investment decision-making. Capitalizing on our size and influence in the industry, we can better serve the needs of our clients and the millions of people who have entrusted the security of their future to our success.

*Underrepresented minorities as broadly defined to include specific groups based on gender, ethnicity, veteran, disabled, and related characteristics.


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